Thibaud Sertier - Freelance graphic artist, webdesigner, trainer

Graphic artist

A wide range of services to cover more of your graphics needs.
Enter the third dimension
With powerful 3D creation tools, I am able to photorealisticaly illustrate projects that exist only as blueprints or sketches: buildings, architecture, town planning, packshot, design...

Dare different media
Why settle for a picture? I can also present your product as a video, an interactive application, a 3d printed object...

Printed graphics
I provide all types of graphic services for printing : flyers, menus, posters, business cards...

3D Models
For high quality 3D models, ready to be used in your own project, please check my online shop!

Professional training

In French only

Do you want to try your hand at photo editing? Discover the fascinating world of 3D graphics? Perfect yourself to optimize your workflow? Feel free to contact me!
After 200h of professional training throughout France, I can adapt to your needs and respond with pedagogy.

Get in touch

For any questions, proposal, quote request:

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Logiciels libres

As far as possible, I try to base my work on free and open source software. It is above all a technical choice: free software offers me total control of my workflow, guarantee its scalability and flexibility. It is also a philosophical choice: the values of sharing and humanism they convey seem fundamental to me. Finally, it is a commercial choice: by not passing on to my customers the very high cost of proprietary licenses, I can afford to offer advantageous rates.
Some free solutions I use and support:

Blender, The Gimp, GNU/Linux, Ubuntu, KDE, Firefox, Filezilla, Python, Php, MySQL, Joomla!, Wordpress, Foundation, VLC et bien d'autres.